Ferndearle recognises the importance of planning transitions to the next placement very carefully and in some cases, understands that there may need to be some after care whilst the young person is settling into their family placement.  This may be in circumstances where the child has been integrated:

  • back to their birth family
  • back to their adoptive family
  • to a new foster placement.

Irrespective of what type of family placement, Ferndearle does provide after care where it is recognised that it is needed.  The package of after care is bespoke and built around the needs of the child and the family circumstances.  It will take into account geographical distance as well as the work pattern and availability of family members.  The various elements of support that may become part of the package are outlined below:

  • 2 or more family therapy sessions;
  • Individual therapy sessions for the child;
  • telephone support with one of our therapists;
  • weekly or monthly visits to the family home by a therapeutic care worker;
  • pre-arranged visits back to Ferndearle for the child and or the child and the family;
  • telephone contact with the residential home for the parents and the child. This can be pre-arranged and/or may be used by the parents to seek advice when needed;
  • contact for advice or just to talk, may be by telephone, text or email.

The time frame for any of the above will be arranged during the transition planning stage but may be adjusted depending upon need once the child has left and is living in the family placement.

Keeping in Touch

Any child leaving Ferndearle is very welcome to remain in touch via telephone calls, letters and direct visits. Ferndearle has a policy of allowing this to be at the young person’s pace and therefore leaves it to them to decide when or if they wish to contact us.