Therapy at Ferndearle

Ferndearle has a designated therapy room at each site. There is a therapy suite at Heather Lodge and a therapy cabin at The Birches. These are private from the rest of the service and offer a safe secure setting for young people to undertake their therapy.

This section gives information on the main types of assessments and therapy available at Ferndearle as well as details about our therapists. Where necessary, however, we do commission other assessments or other forms of therapy from Consultants known and used by Ferndearle, such as Psychiatric assessments or CBT as examples.



  • Individual Systemic Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

All young people have at least one type of therapy weekly during term time.  Others may have two or three types of therapy depending on whether they need family therapy and/or an additonal intervention such as speech and language or another form to meet an identified individual need

Family & Group:

  • Group Systemic Therapy: this is undertaken during term time in each Home with the whole child/young person group and the staff on duty. It is run by the Home’s Systemic Psychotherapist
  • Family Therapy: this is a very important service at Ferndearle and is not only for young people whose care plan is to return home but also for a variety of purposes for those not returning home


  • 6 week Therapy Assessment: this is undertaken on admission to Ferndearle by Ferndearle’s Systemic Psychotherapist to assess the therapy that is most beneficial to the child.
  • 12 week Holistic Assessment: designed for young people whose needs are not yet known and who may or may not require further intervention in our therapeutic community; and/or whose family need to be part of the assessment to ascertain whether they can be re-united and the therapeutic intervention required to this end. This assessment is co-ordinated by Ferndearle’s Systemic Psychotherapist but involves the whole team.
  • Multi-disciplinary assessments: in addition to the above assessments, there are other individual assessments that are typically used at Ferndearle depending on need:
  • Speech & Language assessment
  • Occupational Therapy assessment
  • Educational Psychology assessment